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In a tribute to Adam Rea in the Queensland Country the Edengarry property originally selected by Elwyn Rea's ancestors back in 1902. The 20,000 acre property, located approx 100 klms north of Rockhampton in Central Queensland, the stud herd of Edengarry Brafords are run on this holding together with a large commercial herd.

The 60,000 acre property Lambton Meadows was added to the Rea Holdings in 1997. Located approx 50 klms from Alpha, Lambton Meadows is utilised for the commercial enterprise with bulls supplied by the Edengarry stud.


The tyranny of distance didn't seem to bother the Rea family when they added Aviemore Station at Muttaburra to their holdings. This 24,000 acre property is located approx 40 klms from the Muttaburra township, north of Longreach and was added to the holdings in 2004. Steers are sent there from weaning from the other two properties as well as all cull cows.

Elwyn Rea has carried on his strong commitment to the Braford breed by holding a position on the Australian Braford Society Management Committee for almost 15 years including 8 of those years as President and 3 as Treasurer. He is currently the World Braford President, has judged at a number of shows including the Brisbane Royal and has been involved in a number of other beef industry programs.

The Rea family don't restrict their business interests to cattle breeding, they also hold interests in breeding thoroughbreds in NSW and sell at the Magic Millions and Sydney annually as well as real estate and the stockmarket.

In a unique offer for the Australian Beef Industry, the principals of Edengarry Brafords are 'Standing Behind the Product they Breed and Sell" by offering a unique buy back program for breeders using Edengarry bulls.


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