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In a tribute to Adam Rea in the Queensland Country Life on the 26 September 1968, Professor Francis, an authority on the history of beef cattle breeding, wrote:

"Adam Rea is worthy to rank with the master breeders of the 19th century who fashioned the breeds on which our livestock industries are still based".


Today, his son, Elwyn is carrying on the master breeder tradition by selecting only the best animals available at the time to inject the best genetics available into the Edengarry stock.

Edengarry, the long held family property, located in Kunwarra, Queensland is now home to some of the best Braford breeding stock in Australia.

" The Brafords I have seen here today would be ideal for our retail outlets. I am very impressed by the length of the Braford ".


Abong Tayag Jr. President, Mother Earth Products Inc and executive member of Philippines Cattle Feedlotter Associaton, on a recent visit to 'Edengarry'.




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